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I often write and edit special reports for academic and government institutions, including Harvard University, the University of Maryland, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD.

For Harvard and its partners:
With staff at Burness Communications, I was a lead writer on two reports on NIH funding:

On March 11, 2008, a group of seven concerned academic research institutions, released a new report—A Broken Pipeline? Flat Funding of the NIH Puts a Generation of Science at Risk—warning that America stands to lose a generation of young researchers and the cures they could discover if current NIH funding trends continue. The report features the voices of 12 junior researchers from institutions across the country who, despite their exceptional qualifications and noteworthy research, attest to the funding difficulties they and their peers are experiencing. Such difficulties, they say, are negatively impacting their work as well as science in general, and causing many young scientists to abandon academic research. ~

On March 19, 2007, Harvard and eight partner institutions released Within Our Grasp—Or Slipping Away? Assuring a New Era of Scientific and Medical Progress. That report details some of the tremendous medical advances being made in academic research laboratories across the country—advances that may be lost if NIH funding is not quickly restored to levels that overcome inflation. ~

January 12, 2009, CAMR released A Catalyst for Cures: Embryonic Stem Cell Research. I interviewed top U.S. stem cell scientists about the impact of restrictive federal policies on stem cell research. ~

I’ve written several large projects for the Institute of Medicine:

Ethical Consideration for Research Involving Prisoners (2006), Institute of Medicine

Addressing the Barriers to Pediatric Drug Development (2008), Institute of Medicine



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There’s more to heart disease than cholesterol

The Heart Ache/Heart Attack Link, Cleveland Clinic Magazine, Winter 2009
The connection between mental health and heart disease gets the attention it deserves.

Mending Broken Hearts, feature story, Cleveland Clinic Magazine, Summer 2007
Everett Hoover was missing out on life’s simple pleasures. He used to be a gardener, but no more. He longed to visit his daughter, but the trip from Kent, Ohio, to the Florida Keys was too much for him. Just walking across the room left him out of breath.

Stand Up and Lead, HHMI Bulletin, May 2009
Scientists should influence policy. Q&A with Sean Morrison.

Breast Is Still Best, Fit Pregnancy
Fifteen years ago, we knew breastfeeding was the best way to feed your baby, and we're even more convinced today.

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Is your bedroom a safe place to give birth?